SuppStacked is created and run by… a couple of Supplement Freaks. That one was surprising, we know 🙂

Morgan, Mishka & Jeff are a little bit too obsessed with supplements. All have the same goals — a main course of long-term health, with a side of looking sexy — and all take a variety of supplements to make that happen. Along with plenty of exercise, water and the rest of their health strategies.

The vision of the site is to let other people who take supplements share their own stacks.

We started this site because whenever we would read supplement recommendations online, we would always want to ask the speaker: “well, what are you yourself taking?”. The answers were often shocking: the supplements many recommend they themselves don’t take. Many people have online stores in which they sell hundreds of supplements but most of them, they just don’t take themselves.

Isn’t that odd? We prefer the doctor who takes his own medicine, and try to avoid, to use an almost-forgotten saying, “the children of the shoemaker go without shoes” (or the Latin variation of the same sentiment: “in the house of the metalsmith, the silverware is wooden.”) We want to make metal — and use metal silverware ourselves!

If you’d like to be featured — just drop us a line:

Morgan & Team SuppStacked