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By on January 22, 2023

Beverly Meyer is a clinical and holistic nutritionist, who writes a blog On Diet And Healthy and runs a popular podcast Primal Diet – Modern Health available for free on iTunes.

On her podcast, Beverly talks for an hour on topics such as headaches, weight loss, TMJ Disorders, sleep and insomnia, adrenals and thyroid issues, heartburn, allergies and much more.

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1.) What is the reason you’re taking supplements?

There are two types of supplements I take. First are those I know I need by lab work or by experience. Secondly, supplements sporadically for health issues acute or chronic.


2.) What are the current supplements you’re taking? 

Vitamin D3; Vitamin K2 either as MK7 or as Walkabout Emu Oil which provides Omega 3’s as well; Premier Research Labs Probiotic;  American Biologics Adrenal Cortex; Quercitin for allergies. 

Olive Leaf, Lysine or Reishi as needed for herpes or shingles


3.) What’s the most recent supplement you’ve recently added? Why? Have you noticed a difference since you added it?

Pelligrino water for calcium. I am intolerant to calcium supplements but seem to tolerate this OK. I have osteoporosis and muscle spasms and the calcium and other minerals in the water seem to help.


4.) Are there any supplements that you used to take but you stopped? Why did you remove it? Did you notice an improvement after removing it?

I found I don’t tolerate whole adrenal glandulars and do better with the Cortex only product listed above. The whole glandular contains a little epinephrine which makes me anxious or speedy.


5.) What’s the most unexpected or surprising or least-common supplement you’re currently taking? Why are you taking this one?

I use an Alpha-Stim microcurrent generator for anxiety and muscle spasms. It’s the best “supplement” for me for anxiety.

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