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By on January 15, 2023

Lara Pizzorno is a member of the American Medical Writers Association, keeping physicians and the public updated on longevity science by analyzing latest research and studies. She has over 25 years of experience in writing and is the Editor of Longevity Medicine Review as well as Senior Medical Editor for SaluGenecists, Inc.

Lara is also the author of several books on natural medicine and healing foods. Her latest book, Your Bones: How You Can Prevent Osteoporosis and Have Strong Bones for Life-Naturally,  contains everything you need to know for healthy bones.

In addition to reviewing the latest in longevity research for clinicians, Lara summarizes the breaking health and nutrition research on Twitter @LaraPizzorno.


1.) What is your objective in taking supplements?

Optimizing my health and longevity. Our current food supply does not provide the amounts of nutrients, particularly the trace minerals, that foods contained even 50 years ago (although organically grown foods are far better than conventionally grown). What it does supply in highly significant/ harmful amounts are contaminants – pesticide residues; POPs; heavy metals, such as the mercury that comes to the Pacific Northwest in the airstream from China and deposits in our soils; arsenic, lead. Our water supply is further polluted with drugs excreted in urine that are not fully removed by current city water purification plants. In sum, we can no longer rely upon our food and water to supply us with the nutrient levels required for optimal health.


2.) What is the current stack of supplements you take?

BioClinic Naturals BioFoundation-G (multiple vitamin & mineral supplement that my husband, Dr. Joe Pizzorno, designed. It not only includes the activated forms of the key B vitamins, but the combination of nutrients it provides increase glutathione levels by ~200%. We are now constantly exposed to such a high load of environmental chemicals and other toxins that we really need more glutathione!)

AlgaeCal Plus (contains calcium and all the trace minerals (~70) the sea algae used to create its bony structure, vitamin D3, K2 in the form of MK-7, magnesium, boron).

AlgaeCal Triple Power (an emulsion of natural form omega-3s, curcumin, astaxanthin)

And because my VDR (vitamin D receptor) is faulty (a genetically inherited issue), I need extra vitamin D3, K2 and also vitamin A because all three nutrients work together and must be in balance. For these I use Carlson vitamin D3, Carlson vitamin A, and Life Extension vitamin K complex.

Lastly, I eat very well – supplements can’t do it all! Real whole organically grown foods contain thousands of phytochemicals our bodies need for optimal health. We’re pescatarians; I do not buy processed “food-like” stuff. I only buy whole, organically grown foods, wild-caught small fish. It’s hard but I’ve become very efficient at preparing meals and make time to cook, so I know what’s in our food. If it’s not organic, we don’t eat it. We also avoid gluten-containing grains.


3.) What’s the most recent supplement you added to your stack? Why did you add it? Have you noticed a difference since you added it?

Triple Power because this just became available about 2 months ago. I added it because I spent about 4 months reviewing the most current medical literature on the beneficial effects of the omega-3s on bone health for a lecture on bone health I gave at a medical conference in London in September. The huge beneficial impact of the omega-3s on bone is just becoming appreciated; these essential fatty acids are truly essential for healthy bones. I won’t know for sure what the effects are on my omega-6:omega-3 status until I have retested in 2 more months.


4.) Are there any supplements that you used to take but you stopped? Tell us about why. Why did you remove it? Did you notice an improvement after removing it?

I took Strontium citrate for about 1.5 years because I was still osteopenic. I stopped taking it over 2 years ago now as I no longer need it; my bones are in excellent shape.


5.) What’s the most unexpected or surprising supplement you’re taking in your current stack? Why are you taking this particular supplement?

Probably Triple Power – as I mentioned, research on the effects of the omega-3s on bone has gone nova in the last several years. After reading several hundred medical journal articles now for the last 6 months, I am convinced that an omega-6:omega-3 ratio of no more than 4:1 – and preferably 2:1 – is essential for optimal health. Before starting to take Triple Power, I ran the OmegaQuant test (a finger prick blood test that reports your omega-6:omega-3 ratio. Mine was ~3.9:1, but as I wrote above, I am interested in OPTIMAL health, for myself and everyone else. I will run a second OmegaQuant test in 2 months (after I’ve been using Triple Power for 3 months) to see its effects.

Also, I just finished writing a 25 page article on what we need to consider when choosing an omega-3 supplement (what doctors need to know when recommending one or carrying it in their dispensary). I then looked at many omega-3 supplements (including the one I was using myself) evaluating them using all the parameters I discuss in this paper. Triple Power was far superior, so I switched, and it is the supplement I am now using.  

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