Supplement Stack: Tarryn Stavola

By on November 12, 2022

Tarryn Stavola, aka “Iron T”, is a powerful and experienced athlete that has been heavily involved n the fitness industry for well over 10 years. Best known as a celebrity trainer, millions of people see the results of her programs when they tune into Real Housewives of New Jersey, Mob Wives, Glam Fairy, Million Dollar Shopper and even NFL Football.

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What is the reason you’re taking supplements?

Various reasons but mainly to make sure my muscles are fueled properly & my body is nourished with the vitamins I need.

What are the current supplements you’re taking? Just list them!

Blackstone labs isolation
Blackstone labs resurgence
Blackstone labs dust 2
Prime nutrition vibrance
Prime nutrition phytoform
Blackstone labs cobra 6
Prime nutrition waterloss
Prime nutrition glutamine



What’s the most recent supplement you’ve recently added?

Prime nutrition vibrance and waterloss are the newest



Tried a few other brands and they didn’t work well .


Have you noticed a difference since you added it?

Yes !


Are there any supplements that you used to take but you stopped?

Why did you remove it? Did you notice an improvement after removing it? Too many to name ! Through my years of using supplements I have tried various companies and products . Results are never guaranteed so it’s a trial and error .

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