Suppstacked Interview: Machete Pat

By on October 29, 2022

Machete Pat is a fitness and lifestyle blogger on Instagram, based in Berlin.


Q. What is the reason you’re taking supplements?

Supplements are perfect to support my nutrition and to build some clean muscles. Supps are very important for me and a part of my life.


Q. What are the current supplements you’re taking? 





CELL-TECH by MuscleTech,



Q. What’s the most recent supplement you’ve recently added? Why? Have you noticed a difference since you added it?

I added Cell Tech, since I’m taking it, I feel much better than before, I feel very strong.


Q. Are there any supplements that you used to take but you stopped? Why did you remove it? Did you notice an improvement after removing it?

I used to take Creatine Monohydrate 2 years ago, but I stopped it because the body changes not like I want it, the muscles get bigger but it’s a loss of your shape in this time and my shape (shredded) is one of the most important things!


Q. What’s the most unexpected or surprising or least-common supplement you’re currently taking? Why are you taking this one?

Cell Tech, because it really convinces me, I feel much stronger. I start taking it because it’s a very good mixture with creatine included, I really like it.


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